I have been diagnosed with macular degeneration since 1973. I was at such a loss of sight that I used a white cane and my visual acuity was 20/400. I reached Dr. Bruno and he examined me and recommended the use of the machine (MicrosStim). I used the machine as he recommended; twice a day for six months. My eyesight improved to 20/80 during those six months of treatments.

I experienced Dr. Bruno as a good clinician. He is knowledgeable, helpful and patient. He took time to teach me how to use the machine. He was willing to give of his time by calling me to check up on my progress or to listen to any concerns or questions. I did not feel patronized. He respected my opinions. He was open minded and encouraging. He is a good doctor and a kind person. I appreciate his support and professionalism.

– Vernia Jane Huffman (St. Helens, Oregon)

I was diagnosed with macular degeneration about three years ago, and my eye doctor said there was no treatment. I became a bit depressed as I had more and more difficulty reading, until last Christmas when I had to resort to a magnifying glass more and more.

I met Dr. Bruno in March and purchased a MicroStim 1001, and my eyesight has dramatically improved. I can now read with ease, even paperbacks (with my eye glasses) and I use the MicroStim twice a day for 5 minutes, and take the concentrated lutein that Dr. Bruno recommended. This has made a world of difference to me. Reading is one of my main joys of life and I bless the day I met Dr. Bruno.

– Maude Brunette (Florence, Oregon)

I have been using the treatment (with the MicroStim) for macular degeneration for about three months now. I have noticed that on the golf course I’m now able to see the hole on the putting green. Before the treatment I could not. There are other very minute signs of visual improvement and I’m hoping this will continue.

– Catherine Banning (San Diego, California)

I’m writing to tell you of my progress using the MicroStim 100i. Before I started using it I was so blind I could not really see a lot. Now I see the stoplights during the day, and clearly see them at night, which helps me when I cross the street. I can now read the small numbers on a microwave, which I could not do before. I see TV better now. It is clearer and I can see it from a distance. My vision has cleared up considerably and I can see the houses when I am riding in a car. I am looking forward to being able to read well again like I used to. Thank you for everything, yours truly,

– Pauline Earlywine (Scappoose, Oregon)

As you know, my first appointment with you, and my first treatment with the MicroStim was June 5th, 2002. At that time my eyesight was very poor. My right eye was 20/400. After 7 days of treatments with the Microstim 100i, my right eye was 20/50, believe it or not. Thank you Dr. Bruno with all my heart and thank God.

– James Layton (Eugene, Oregon)